FENESTRATION BAU China,November, 2017, SNIEC, Shanghai

FENESTRATION BAU China is an annual congress with an accompanying exhibition that takes place at the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) in Beijing. This event focuses on high-quality design, planning, and construction. It is a high-quality, business-focused, and industry-wide platform that provides real solutions and inspiration to global and local industry professionals in an international setting, tailored to the specific needs of the Chinese market.


BAU Congress China 2016 focuses on three different themes: The main themes–”urban strategies,” “project development and implementation,” and “smart building technology”–are tailored to the particularities of the Chinese market. The congress seeks to identify the specific challenges facing urban planners and developers in China, and how sustainable concepts can be implemented.

The speakers are well-known planners and architects from China and Europe. Using bestpractice examples, they set out their ideas for the Chinese city of the future.

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